camillo frigeni

raised by typographers. lover of vectors and printing, camillo frigeni is an italian designer & typographer who combines tradition and technology through visual communication. he works and studies between milan, brescia and nyc. he believes in the power of the education and the didactic.

his experience includes a wide range of disciplines that integrate both digital and analogic ways of working with design thinking methods, focusing on concept generation and creative direction. he is interested to explore different fields - from craft to industry.

now working at @mohole as web & app didactic coordinator, he's also an advisor @scite_, father of @printi, scientific director @metaproject, graphic designer @iccs_singapore, curator @lettering_da_bergamo, hardcore pokemon trainer and cyclist. previously @authorea & @dotagency.

take a look at printi! a new tool to discover the secrets of print art.

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workshops, talks and exhibitions

· printi and the analog print process @market fair · torino graphic days vol.03
· conversation about magazine design @belligallery with parcodiyellowstone
· experimentation typographical [lab] @inchiostrofestival
· two words about printi, visual making, co-design & digital innovation @inchiostrofestival
· editorial excursion @scuola mohole with davide mottes
· anthropocentristic design @creativeclub
· relationship between experience and storytelling [lab] @lilliput
· editorial & co. @scuola mohole with francesco poroli

· letterpress in action @scuola mohole
· explore the linocut @scuola mohole
· once upon a type @san nicolò service
· diwo postcard [lab] @lilliput
· editorial design: a survival kit @scuola mohole with francesco poroli
· ux in digital publishing @accademia carrara

· funziona typo cosi... @san nicolò service
· digital publishing & interface design @accademia carrara

· digital publishing @accademia carrara
· approach to visual communication @d.l milani high school

· visual concept @d.l milani high school